Our miniature world is making a big splash! Here’s a selection of Gulliver’s Gate coverage in the news.


Gulliver’s Gate: New York’s Magical Miniature World

3/17/17 – By Ethan Wolff

At a time when the planet seems ever more divided, it’s amazing to visit a place like Gulliver’s Gate and be reminded that we all share one world. Gulliver’s Gate is one of the most ambitious attractions to ever land in New York City, a $40 million extravaganza that allows visitors to travel the globe without leaving Times Square. Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, Russia, and Europe are all here in incredibly detailed miniature. And don’t let that word “miniature” fool you—Gulliver’s Gate feels like it covers acres, stretching a full city block with the wonders of the world.  . . .