Frequently Asked Questions

There's a lot going on here! Take a look at some Frequently Asked Questions below to get answers to common questions.

  • What scale will the exhibit be?

    Most elements will be in HO scale, which is 1:87.

  • How tall does that make a figure representing a six-foot tall person?

    0.8 inches

  • What will actually be displayed?

    The exhibit will include miniature scale models of well-known sites and places from our world, and fictional worlds, connected by train tracks and highways featuring all manners of transportation known to mankind – from horses and elephants to hot air balloons, jet planes and space shuttles.

    We will have a variety of scenes from various places around the world. Obviously as an American company and a New York venue there will be an emphasis on scenes from the US, but Europe and Africa and Asia will also be displayed, as well as lands that otherwise only exist in our imagination. All of them will be packed with a lot of “action,” surprises and humor.

  • Why did you choose the name Gulliver’s Gate?

    Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels told of an 18th century adventurer entering fantastical, hidden places where he discovered his expectations challenged and his sense of wonder expanded. It is our goal to do the same for the 21st century, with an immersive display that utilizes the latest interactive technology to make the experience of an intricate and tiny world even more rich and engaging.

  • What does it mean to be a Model Citizen™ of Gulliver’s Gate?

    We’re opening our gates to visitors from all over the world. Our early supporters and visitors to Gulliver’s Gate will be able to have their whole bodies scanned and be recreated as a figure in the display. Having a figure, entitles you citizenship. As a Model Citizen™, your tiny-self will be placed into the display and you will receive a passport that will give you special pricing and access any time you want to come back.

  • How many Model Citizens™ can there be?

    Luckily, Gulliver’s Gate has plenty of room for growing populations. We expect to continue to add to the display each year, giving all our visitors something new to discover, and plenty of space for our new Model Citizens™ to live. If we need to, we may even populate new planets!

  • How can I get involved?

    Besides welcoming all as Model Citizens™, we are very interested in building a community of supporters and contributors to help us develop the display. Whether you have your own miniature display, or you have ideas for scenes or storylines, let us know what you would like to see in our display. We have no shortage of ideas, but we have so many possibilities that we want the best ideas from everywhere to make Gulliver’s Gate a more unique, ingenious, and exciting destination.

  • How many trains will you have?

    Eventually we plan to have 1,000 trains with about 12,000 wagons.

  • What will the longest track be?

    475 ft. (145 m), which is the scale equivalent of about 8 miles (12.5 km), and that will be just one part of our vast network of trains, roads, highways, bridges, and tunnels.