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Trump, Kushner and Putin Photographed in Moscow?

Not really. But, as the Russia story with Donald Trump Junior’s meeting with Russian operatives continues to unfold in the Big World News (BWN), Gulliver’s Gate’s own #swiftnews has captured a photo that some say resembles Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Jared Kushner outside the Kremlin. In the photo, a figure resembling the 45th President of the United States is seen positioned outside of a motorcade just inches away from the Kremlin. This scene was designed and created in 2016 by model makers working in St. Petersburg Russia and is in no way a depiction of real news. It is however, one of the many funny, satirical scenes you will find inside Gulliver’s Gate, an immersive miniature world located in the heart of New York City.


The figures you see depicted here are all 1/87th of their real world size. St. Basil’s, Red Square, the Kremlin and many other sites from Russia are depicted here as are other amusing scenes from around the world.  Trains race, cars drive and the entire world is on display to view at your own pace.